Ford Rimor, a Legendary Campervan, fully renovated and equipped in 2019 for up to 6 people. Ideal for all seasons!

For winter/spring holiday the average temperatures in Mallorca is around 13/20ºC and the vehicule has a powerful heating system, hot and cold running water, a complete kitchen fully equipped with cattery and stove, bed sheets, duvets, towels and external chairs/table; all accessories are included in the rental price. What is not included is: the Diesel, the Gas bottle and the final cleaning (50€) wich includes the washing of bed sheets and towels! There is a very spacious bathroom with a separated shower, a window and a ceiling window!! We offer some optionals as extra: 2 bikes, a kayak, kite surf board, paddle board, snorkeling equipment,a fishing gear (on request, different prices…).


1. The reservation of the motorhome includes the payment of 30% of the total rental as a signal. In the event that the client cancels the reservation requested, the following penalties will apply to the payment of the reservation: If the cancellation is communicated within 30 days of the start of the rental 50%; If you communicate between 30 and 15 days before the start of the rental 80%; If you communicate with less than 15 days until the start of the rental 100%

2. The total amount of the rental contracted must be paid before departure. Likewise, a deposit will be deposited in cash, to guarantee the good use and correct return of the vehicle, for an amount of 500 Euros. Any item broken, damaged or missing will be charged for the deposit. The deposit will be returned after the motorhome is examined which, in case of damages due to misuse, will determine by means of a detailed note, the amount that the client must pay, authorizing the lessee to compensate this amount of the deposit deposited. If it is not possible to assess the damages immediately, RCM will have 20 days to return the amount of the surplus bond, if applicable, once the cost of repairing the damages caused has been deducted.

3. In case the tenant, by own unilateral decision, initiates with delay or terminates the rent in advance, he will not be entitled to any refund.

4. The lessee shall not proceed to demand compensation if, due to force majeure or fortuitous reasons, the vehicle can not be delivered on the agreed day. Major cause is understood as a failure or loss that can not be repaired for the planned delivery date of the motorhome. Likewise RCM reserves the right to replace the vehicle with another one in case of not having availability of the reserved vehicle. RCM does not ensure that the vehicle is in perfect aesthetic condition at the time of rental, being reflected the damage, if any, at the time of delivery and specified in the Vehicle Record. In case of impossibility to carry out the rental on the agreed date, the lessee may modify the rental dates opting for others, provided there is availability, not being able to demand compensation.

5. If the lessee wants to extend the lease of the vehicle on the established dates, it must notify RCM 3 days before the end of the contract. The eventual confirmation of the extension will be subject to the availability that RCM has at that moment, not assuming therefore this last previous commitment. Delays in delivery that are not authorized or due to force majeure will be penalized with a double daily rate to the amount applied in the contract.

6. The minimum age to drive the vehicle is 25 years. Persons under the age of 25 traveling in the motorhome can not drive the vehicle and the tenant is responsible for compliance. The driver’s license must be more than 2 years old. You must present and leave a copy to RCM of the type B driver’s license, and the valid Identity Card.

7. Non-residents in the EU must present the driving license issued in their country, international driving license and valid passport. The non-presentation of the tenant at the place and time agreed for the start of the rental will be considered unilateral termination of the contract and reservation, with a penalty of 100% of the value of the rental contracted, said non-presentation will enable RCM to dispose of the vehicle reserved not having the tenant right to compensation or any compensation.

8. The lessee is liable for any sanction or fine, including judicial or extrajudicial expenses that, in contravention of the provisions in force, were imposed upon him, reaching the same responsibility in the event that the vehicle was retained or seized because of him, also running, with the expenses and the loss of profit of RCM during the duration of the unavailability of the vehicle, applying for each day that the amount was retained or seized per day, according to the model and current rates of the rental price of the vehicle. If, after a period of time, RCM reaches a fine that the lessee has hidden from RCM, the lessee will be contacted (the lease has a date and signature) and the amount of the fine will be charged to the lessee. fines € 24.90 for each identification. Does not include the payment of the penalty.

9. It is expressly forbidden to assign the vehicle to any activity contrary to the laws and good customs. It is forbidden to transport more numbers of people than that allowed by the Law in the homologation of the vehicle, conduct races, transport of goods or objects, assign its use for consideration or lucrat

10. In the event that the lessee leaves the vehicle in another place different from that agreed in the rental contract for cause solely and exclusively attributable to the lessee without express authorization from RCM, it will pay RCM the costs for restitution of the vehicle.

11. The motorhome subject of this contract is insured according to the law within the EU, with a deductible of 1000 Euros (depending of model) to cover exclusively accidents on the outside of the vehicle, not contemplating the misuse of it. If any loss occurs during the term of the lease, the lessee will bear that amount, which from now authorizes can be compensated if necessary with the deposit. The civil liabilities deriving from events or circumstances not contemplated as included in the policy shall be the exclusive responsibility of the lessee. The renter accepts the Terms and Conditions of the vehicle insurance policy.
What is not included in the Insurance Policy:
-Damage caused by driving on poorly paved roads
-Refueling with incorrect fuel.
-Loss or breakage of keys.
-Damage caused in locks or inside the vehicle.
-Damage to the underside of the car.
-Damages due to misuse of the clutch.
-Damage, loss or theft of accessory elements of the vehicle (such as antenna, jack, windshield wiper, tank lid, tray, triangles, GPS, vests, child seats, etc.) or property of the tenant.
-Damage to the bicycle rack
-RCM is not responsible for the objects that could be forgotten inside the vehicle by the tenant.

12. On behalf of the lessee, there will be punctures and any damage that may be caused to the tires, regardless of having contracted the insurance.

13. The tenant will be responsible for all mechanical damages arising from misuse, lack of precautions and in general all types of negligence that cause damage to the vehicle, having to pay RCM the amount corresponding to all damages caused by such concepts .

14. RCM delivers the vehicle in good condition, having made all the checks and maintenance necessary for its proper operation. It will not be responsible for mechanical failures or failures due to normal deterioration of it, nor is it responsible for expenses, delays or damages in any way produced, directly or indirectly as a result of such failures or breakdowns. The responsibility of RCM is limited only to the reimbursement of the cost of the rental of the days that it has not been possible to use the motorhome in its entirety. In the event of any breakdown of the elements of the motorhome, the lessee must immediately notify RCM, preferably with photos and / or videos, from whom he will receive the appropriate instructions for its repair. For the operations of maintenance or repair of faults, the lessee must request the authorization of the budget from the RCM. The value of the aforementioned repair or maintenance, if applicable, will be reimbursed to the lessee at the time of the return of the vehicle, upon presentation of the official invoice issued in the name of RCM, whose data appear on the first page of the rental contract.

15. In the event of an accident, the lessee must inform RCM immediately, never within a period of more than 24 hours. It must not recognize or prejudge the responsibility of the fact, except for the “Friendly Accident Statement”. The lessee must obtain all the information from the opposing party and the witnesses, which together with the details of the accident will be sent to RCM. You must immediately notify the authorities of the accident if there is culpability of the opposing party. You must not abandon the vehicle without taking the appropriate measures to protect it and safeguard it. In case of theft or robbery of the vehicle, the competent authority will be reported immediately, communicating it and sending a copy of the complaint to RCM within a maximum period of 12 hours, together with the vehicle keys, otherwise the insurance and coverages will be ineffective. . In case of default by the lessee of any of these measures, if they are applicable, RCM may claim damages from the lessee caused by negligence

16. The delivery and return of the vehicle will be made on the site where the parties agree explicitly. Return of the vehicle in the wrong place (€ 60) or abandonment of it (€ 120)

17. Smoking is prohibited inside the motorhome. Violating the smoking ban implies the loss of bail automatically.

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