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Where do I pick up the motorhome?

The base of RCM is located in Búger, which is 25 minutes from the airport.

The most economical and practical option is to take the bus from the airport to Inca and from there RCM Team picks you up and in 7 minutes you get to the base for the pick up of the motorhome.

If the arrival at the RCM base is at night we offer the possibility of sleeping the first night (and the last one if necessary) in the motorhome parked inside the RCM base.

Another option is the Taxi from the Airport and is worth around 50/60 € (depending on the time), check easy-taxi on the Internet.

We do not offer Shuttle service from / to the airport.

Where can I go and can not I camp?
Free Camping is not allowed in all of Spain unless the areas reserved for this use are not used.

Camping means: parking in one place for several days, taking out awning, table, chairs, occupying a space around the vehicle. For this purpose, we must look for the areas in and comply with the standards indicated by each area.

Actually all the autocavanas are parked in all the conventional car parks.

Parking means: parking and also spending the night in a normal parking place (such as cars) without removing awning, table and chairs and respecting the rules of traffic and signaling without forgetting the size of the vehicle that is higher than that of a normal car.

For this purpose you can search the sites in: (used and updated continuously by thousands of campers customers).


– Stay away from bodies of water when washing dishes (or washing yourself). Soaps and detergents have harmful effects on marine life, so you must get rid of those “gray waters” by pouring them into the ground, where they can leak. However, do not leave traces of food on the ground: dispose of them in the proper waste containers, or take them with you to throw them away later.

– About waste disposal: never leave trash on the site. Use the exclusive trash cans for that purpose, or take the trash with you.

– Parking on the side of the road, besides being noisy, can also be insecure. Park your motor-home in a safe place away from traffic.

– If you arrive late to the place, avoid making noise so as not to disturb the other motor-home customers.

– For your own safety, lock the doors of your auto-caravan at night.

– Avoid lighting fires. Not only is it very dangerous in the dry season and that is why it is PROHIBITED but also harms the local environment. Use the cooking facilities that include your motor-home. On the platform where there are stone BBQ that can be used (only in low season, according to the regulations of each zone) as well as toilets and water to refill the tank of the motor-home and empty black water tank(WC).

REMEMBER: Whether you plan to enjoy the free camping or not, travel without leaving traces and without carrying so many things, so that Mallorca remains a paradise for those who visit after you.

What driving license and minimum age do you need to rent a motorhome?

The driver must be in possession of a class B driving license with more than two years old or the corresponding national permit. If you are not a resident of the EU, you must be in possession of the international driving license. The driver must be at least 25 years old.

What does the insurance include?

According to the principles of full-risk insurance, in case of comprehensive damage, the lessor shall exempt the lessee from liability for material damage, with a deductible of € 1000, which shall be borne by the lessee. The lessee, under no circumstances, will be exempted from his civil, administrative, criminal or any other kind of liabilities that are the consequence of a sinister or malicious behavior.

In the event that the car suffers a breakdown due to incorrect petrol refueling, the lessee must take care of the expenses derived from: emptying the tank, refueling the correct fuel, possible breakdown and displacement (0.50 € per round-trip kilometer)..

What is INCLUDED in the rental price?

All vehicles are equipped with a kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom with sink, shower and toilet, heating (depending on model), drinking water tank and sewage, seat belts in the passenger compartment, USB for mobile recharge, independent 12 V battery for the passenger compartment, and stereo radio with or without a CD player.

In the rental price is also included:

– Unlimited mileage
– I.V.A. (21%)
– Comprehensive insurance with a 1.000 € deductible
– 24 hour roadside assistance
– Awning
– Reverse camera (depending on model)
– Bicycle carrier (depending on model)
– Exterior cleaning
– Chemical toilet liquid
– Sheets, towels, quilts, kitchen rags, crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, coffee maker, …

What is NOT INCLUDED in the rental price?

– Diesel fuel / propane gas: according to consumption
– Final cleaning: 50€
– Child seat: 5€/day
– Mountain bike: 10€/day
– Kayak: 10€/day
– Paddle-board: 10€/day
– Surf / wave-board: 10€/day
– Kite surf-board: 10€/day
– Snorquel gear: 5€/day
– Fishing gear: 5€/day

How does the cancellation policy work?

The reservation of the motorhome includes the payment of 30% of the total rent as a signal. If the client cancels the reservation requested, the following penalties will apply to the payment of the reservation: If cancellation is notified within 30 days of the start of the rental 50%. If you communicate between 30 and 15 days before the start of the rental 80%. If you communicate with less than 15 days until the start of the rental 100%

Is cleaning a separate expense?

The interior of the vehicles is clean at the time of delivery, including sheets / towels and kitchen towels.

At the time of the return of the vehicle, the lessee must pay RCM the amount of 50 € for normal cleaning (including laundry).

In case of excessive dirt (eg stained seats, stained curtains etc …) the lessee must pay 90 €.

In any case it is the obligation of the lessee to return the vehicle with empty gray and black water (WC) tanks.

Can I bring my pet?
Is smoking allowed inside the motorhome?
How is the reservation payment made?

1st – When making the reservation you have to pay a deposit of 30% by bank transfer or Paypal

2nd – One month before collection, another 30% must be paid (In case the reservation is made less than 1 month in advance, 60% will have to be paid)..

3rd – The rest (40%) will be paid when picking up the motorhome

Are children considered normal passengers?

Yes, they are considered normal passengers. For security reasons they must have their own seat. Elevators and child seats must be reserved and paid for as an extra. We can not guarantee the availability of these devices at the time of collection if they are not booked in advance.

Where do I discharge the dirty water?

There are some areas enabled for this and can be found by visiting In addition, there are also gas stations that allow water to be emptied and recharged.

What fuel do motorhomes use?

All of our motorhomes use DIESEL fuel.

We do not charge for fuel. We deliver the vehicle with a certain amount of fuel and the tenant must return it the same.

If it is not possible to refuel and return the vehicle with less fuel, you must inform RCM before leaving the premises and pay the corresponding amount.

Will I be able to charge my mobile/tablet?

Yes, there is a USB socket for the charging cable in the passenger compartment; bring cable with USB socket.

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